• 1 new senior sales leader recruited
  • +32% revenue 1 year later
  • +20 margins
  • +2 new vendors (Salesforce & Sitecore)

Technology scaleups share a common problem: plentiful technical skills, but without the dedicated sales leadership needed to maximize growth.

This ecommerce digital agency’s founder was sales trained, and had done a remarkable job in proving their market value, reaching $25m of revenue. But the next hire was crucial.

Their new VP of sales needed experience of building and managing a complex sales process, implementing a CRM, and devising a training strategy for the company’s seven business development professionals. Developing competitive plans for compensation and career progression would also be critical since the team had recently lost two key personnel.

Broad industry knowledge and an extensive network was vital for this role. The company had existing relationships with vendors such as SFC and Magento, but was looking to cultivate a partnership with Shopify too.

Rosenstein Group sourced a veteran of ecommerce sales with over two decades of experience. This sales leader had a foot in both camps, having started out leading software providers such as Hybris and Akamai, and then moving on to managerial positions within digital agencies.

After year one, the VP of Sales drove a 32% increase in revenue, with profit margins growing by 20%. Average engagement increased at a similar rate.

Shopify and Sitecore were added to the vendor mix, and three IRC500 retailers were added to the client list thanks to the VP’s existing relationships.

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