Who we are

For over two decades, The Rosenstein Group has been immersed in the evolution of the e-commerce industry, successfully identifying, recruiting and matching exceptional sales leaders with formative technology enterprises. Our experience with e-commerce technology leaders like SAP Hybris and Demandware has established us as an authoritative and trusted liaison for uncommonly talented senior e-commerce sales personnel and the innovative technologists seeking their first sales leader.

What we do

Introducing a new product or re-positioning an existing one is a high stakes gamble. Founders can hedge their bets through hiring a true expert. It requires an incredibly knowledgeable and impeccably credible master recruiting agency to understand the world of today’s Chief Digital Officers.

Finding and introducing the most ideally suited sales leader for your challenge is what we do for our clients. Using our 20 years of hands-on experience in the e-commerce market, we identify your management style and culture, understand your product, potential market and competition, and identify logical prospects. We then turn to our extensive network of successful Chief Revenue Officers and leading sales executives and search for those who could leverage their knowledge, experience, and client relationships to successfully meet your challenge.

Why the Rosenstein Group

Bringing on your first sales leader is, quite literally, the riskiest hire a formative technology enterprise will make. It is a rare and exceptionally capable sales professional who can pioneer a relationship with a new client while presenting a new solution category. Over decades, we’ve been engaged by e-commerce, content and digital experience, product information management (PIM), pricing, personalization, recommendation, reviews, site search, SEO, SEM, and A/B testing solutions providers. We’ve formed trusted and carefully curated relationships with many of the premiere revenue performers across the e-commerce, martech, and supply chain markets. Our track record of consistent and successful recruitment of sales leaders and placement with innovative technology vendors makes us the go-to professional recruiting resource for them when evaluating the marketplace.

Meet the founder

Darrell Rosenstein

My name is Darrell Rosenstein and I’m the founder of The Rosenstein Group, the premier recruiting firm in the e-commerce, martech and supply chain landscape. I had a front row seat in Silicon Valley when the first e-commerce platforms and SaaS solutions launched the most dynamic sector in the field of technology. I’ve been hooked ever since, and not as a shop-a-holic. I immersed myself in that field, partnered with incredibly innovative entrepreneurs and technologists, watched and studied the winners and losers, and in the process, developed a network of uncommonly talented sales leaders with diverse e-commerce backgrounds.

Our network is composed of those sales executives that have been engaged in the ecommerce industry long enough to master it. They are the most dynamic, capable, self-motivated and talented set of executives that I have ever served.

George Harris

George Harris joined the Rosenstein Group as the Senior Associate. He has invested the past 18 years in enterprise software sales with ADP, Ceridian, and other startups. As a seasoned sales & business development leader, George has a knack for cultivating relationships and connecting professionals like yourself to leveraged industry solutions technology in solving complex problems.