• Candidate with 16 years of experience
  • 26 days time to hire
  • Candidate went on to sign clients including Dell & EMC
  • $100m acquisition followed the increase in sales

After implementing a successful beta in a Fortune 500 company, this predictive lead scoring startup needed a superstar salesperson to lead the company onward and upward.

Working closely alongside the business’s leadership team, Rosenstein Group helped to specify a role for a sales leader to an exacting person-fit.

The candidate would need exceptional intellect in order to collaborate with the executive team on creating marketing materials, refining the company’s go-to-market strategy, developing the pipeline, and structuring and augmenting the sales team.

The candidate needed to have experience in selling predictive analytics to enterprise, a flair for evangelizing solutions, and the mentorship skills needed for future team growth. And, given the early phase of the business, the new hire would be required to document and implement a scalable sales process, and help marketing to produce case studies and relevant supporting materials.

The perfect candidate was found within 26 days of agreement. This sales leader boasted a comprehensive resumé, with experience working for industry-leading companies such as Ariba, as well as startups in the pricing field.

With their new sales leadership, the company went on to secure key accounts including Dell, EMC and ADP. The recruit eventually rose to a position on the senior leadership team, where the candidate was a key player in the company securing a $100m acquisition.

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