• Director of sales:
    • 17 years of experience…
    • Hired in 23 days from agreement
  • Director of solutions engineering:
    • Two decades of experience
    • Recruited in just two weeks

Composable commerce has sold strongly in Europe, but the United States has been a more difficult market for this emerging technology. Local market knowledge would be critical for this Central Europe-based startup.

The company’s remote CRO needed two hires: a director of sales, and a director of solutions engineering.

As a series-A scaleup with $7m in revenue, they’d proved the product in their home market, but were looking to engage both B2C and B2B companies in the US. Both hires needed experience of working for a foreign HQ, with foreign product support, and to have the ability to tailor marketing collateral, processes and methodology for a North American audience.

Rosenstein Group found a sales director with 17 years of relevant experience within 23 days of agreement. They married enterprise expertise from stints at enterprises such as Adobe and POQ, with experience of working with international head offices, including at startups.

The director of solutions engineering was hired in just 13 days. Combining both technical expertise during a decade stint as a frontend developer, and seven years of sales experience at Adobe and VTEX, this candidate had the perfect profile to evangelize headless solutions for this impressive scaleup.

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