• 1 VP of Sales recruited
  • 2 record deals closed within 2 quarters
  • …leading to a $23m investment round
  • +2 new sales executives subsequently hired

Rosenstein Group’s extensive knowledge of our home market makes us a valuable partner for overseas ecommerce vendors trying to break into the US.

Our client, a provider of retail and merchandise analytics based in India, had enjoyed a few wins in the States, but they needed a sales leader to maximize their growth in North America.

The ideal candidate would have extensive knowledge of the retail solutions trade, and the ability to sell to the biggest retailers in the world’s biggest consumer market. The CEO was also expecting a candidate with deep connections in New York City’s exclusive fashion industry.

With 23 years of experience in retail solutions at companies including NCR and Retalix, and an extensive network in the city, our candidate delivered instant and resounding wins.

Inside his first two quarters in the company, the two biggest deals in the company’s history were delivered and the company secured $23m in investment based on those victories.

The new hire added two further sales executives to the team, readying the business for its next phases of success in the USA.

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