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"I have been a client of Darrell’s for approximately 14 years, initially as COO of Demandware and later as CEO of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. He is the consummate professional...conscientious and reliable. Darrell understood our industry and our company very well, and it showed in the results. He nearly always delivered with relevant, high quality talent. In the early pioneering days of Demandware, Darrell helped me to find one of our very first sales leaders on the west coast (perhaps our most reliable producer over the years). Later, as we became a larger public company, Darrell became a key partner in scaling our team with high quality talent amidst a highly competitive environment. Without exceptional business partners like Darrell, we wouldn’t have been able to attract the talent. Thank you."

Jeff Barnett

Jeff Barnett

Salesforce Commerce / Demandware, CEO

"The Rosenstein Group leverages eCommerce subject matter expertise to consistently find the perfect match between talent and organization. Whichever side of the equation you’re on, Darrel will find the right match that delivers superlative results. I speak from the experience of having been recruited into a senior level eCommerce leadership role by Darrell and from working with him to build out my sales teams. In both instances the results were extremely positive. Good help is hard to find, and Darrell has incredible insight into finding the right match of talent, relative experience, and culture. He’s quick to understand an organization’s value proposition which informs his decisions in the recruiting process. Let’s just say that he does his homework and you can expect the highest quality of opportunities or candidates when working with him."

Mike Schrader

Miva Inc., SVP Sales and Marketing

"I've only known Darrell for a short time now however it seems like much longer with his transparent communication style. I consider him a trusted business partner with high integrity who has found a way to be a strong advocate for his candidates as well as the companies he serves. He makes very astute observations in a very short time. I highly recommend Darrell to anyone considering a job change or any company seeking talent"

Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker

Manthan Systems, SVP, GM Americas

"Darrell, simply put is one of the top Executive Recruiters in the nation. I had the great pleasure to work with Darrell over 12 years ago and found him to possess a deep respect for all his clients, candidates as well as the team he worked with. Anyone who is fortunate enough to work with Darrell is truly blessed. His knowledge of the Technology Industry is world-class. I offer my highest recommendation to Darrell Rosenstein."

Eric Allison

Golden One Ventures, Managing Partner

"Hiring is the most important thing you do as executive -- but doing it well requires more consideration than most recruiting partners understand. For go-to-market hires, first, you have to define what experience you want to deliver to customers. Second, you assess whether a candidate can deliver that experience -- ideally in ways you never even imagined. Third, you confirm that your company can provide that candidate the challenge and opportunity she/he seeks. Now you've connected your customer's needs to your needs and to the opportunity you can provide to talent. Darrell understands all of these steps. He has been a thoughtful partner is growing my team -- as much for his network and access to talent as for his critical evaluation of what I needed and what opportunities I could provide. I have recommended (and would continue to recommend) Darrell to friends and anyone in my network."

Michael McCarroll

Dun & Bradstreet Digital, CRO

"Darrell is the best recruiter that I've ever worked with from the candidate side. We built a relationship because he was in touch with a friend of mine about a position that I was interested in personally. Darrell did a great job both screening me for the position, getting me excited about the opportunity, and preparing me for success in the interview process. He was very thorough and made sure that both the hiring manager and I were set up for success. He not only understood the domain in which the company was selling, but the personalities and preferences of the people that I went to speak with. After a successful interview, I took the job. Once aboard, I learned that Darrell had also placed two of my teammates and all three of us had similar great things to say about working for Darrell."

Kevin Kramer

LotteryNow, CEO

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