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Supply chain technology holds a special attraction for our recruitment team. We got our start as supply chain recruiters at the beginning of the .com boom and were drawn to the software that distinguished itself from the rest of the industry by providing demonstrable ROI. We started by recruiting sales leaders and sales teams for startups such as Demandtec, Profitlogic and Vendavo. That led to recruiting relationships with myriad startups providing SaaS technologies for sales forecasting, performance management, replenishment, just-in-time manufacturing, merchandising, assortment planning and optimization, project data management and a host of other supply chain functions.

Our two decades of recruiting for supply chain management (SCM) sales professionals has allowed us to build an extensive network of incredibly experienced and effective supply chain technology sales talent. We routinely consult with this unique network of experts to assist us in evaluating new ideas and validating the efficacy of solutions marketplace viability and potential for user acceptance. Our executive search clients benefit from the intelligence generated by this process and we are able to craft an accurate opportunity description to share with candidates. Following this process, we have routinely recruited CEOs and entire sales teams for SCM startups.

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Case Study

The Problem

The founders of a cutting edge predictive analytics and database centralization technology had huge potential benefits but no sales. With no specifically defined use case available, there was a lack of perceived value by potential clients. It was time to bring the recruiter specialists.

The Solution

The Rosenstein Group conducted a recruitment search for a VP of Sales with the objective of identifying a sales leader with experience as an expert product evangelist, a proven ability to “manage up” to the executive team, and the energy, stamina and tenacity to thrive in a startup environment within the CRM and ERP industry. We subsequently identified and recruited their next VP.

The Outcome

The new VP identified three specific business problems within the CPQ and multi-channel order management solutions and built consensus within the executive team to focus on solving them. The team developed and modeled use case scenarios, leveraging the solution to drive and sustain maximal ROI with internal team resources.

Typical Roles We Fill

  • Chief Customer Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer/CRO/CSO
  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Director of Sales
  • Enterprise Sales Executive
  • General Manager
  • Senior Vice President of Sales
  • Vice President of Alliances
  • Vice President of Business Development
  • Vice President of Customer Success
  • Vice President of Enterprise Software
  • Vice President of Sales Engineering
  • Vice President Sales

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“I've only known Darrell for a short time now however it seems like much longer with his transparent communication style. I consider him a trusted business partner with high integrity who has found a way to be a strong advocate for his candidates as well as the companies he serves. He makes very astute observations in a very short time. I highly recommend Darrell to anyone considering a job change or any company seeking talent

Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker

Manthan Systems, SVP, GM Americas

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