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We have been involved in recruiting for the martech space since the early days of CRM, with pioneers such as Siebel and Epiphany. We branched into CMS with Adobe, search with Autonomy, and customer experience and success segment partnering with Foresee and Medallia. Since those early pioneering times, our recruitment team has immersed itself in martech, working on executive search campaigns in marketing automation, campaign lead management, sales automation, sales enablement & intelligence, predictive analytics, customer data platform and mobile marketing. We have carefully curated each of our client recruiting experiences, allowing us to consistently deliver optimal performers to new clients while providing an opportunity with maximum potential for success to the candidate. Our martech practice has provided us with our best win-win solutions.

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Case Study

The Problem

A best in class artificial intelligence SaaS solution for activity-based marketing startup was not gaining traction in an already crowded marketplace. Marketing was not providing sufficient inbound leads, and the competing messaging of industry leading firms was clouding the sales process. Further, the turnover of sales leaders and three top team members led to low morale and a perception that leadership lacked direction and engagement. It was time to bring in the recruiters.

The Solution

The Energists’ recruitment team placed a Vice President of Sales from an industry leading provider with startup tenure and a proven track record for hiring, mentoring and making sales teams effective.

The Outcome

The principal task was to provide informed and effective leadership. To accomplish that, the new VP refocused messaging around client problems surrounding personalization and key benefits of solutions and incorporating real time data, leading to increased conversions. Team building included in-house roundtable discussions with leaders of marketing, product marketing, engineering, and services to define process, expectations and deliverables, framed around co-facilitation and internal client mentality. Lastly, the founders were engaged in the sales process in the field, focused around their role in the process to eliminate cross-talk and improve client perception. As a result of the corrective efforts,.the VP secured the largest transaction in the firm’s history in the first 90 days. Additionally, 75% more client wins were secured in year one and ACV increased 70% in the first year.

Typical Roles We Fill

  • Chief Customer Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Revenue Officer/CRO/CSO
  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Director of Sales
  • Enterprise Sales Executive
  • General Manager
  • Senior Vice President of Sales
  • Vice President of Alliances
  • Vice President of Business Development
  • Vice President of Customer Success
  • Vice President of Enterprise Software
  • Vice President of Sales Engineering
  • Vice President Sales

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“Hiring is the most important thing you do as executive -- but doing it well requires more consideration than most recruiting partners understand. For go-to-market hires, first, you have to define what experience you want to deliver to customers. Second, you assess whether a candidate can deliver that experience -- ideally in ways you never even imagined. Third, you confirm that your company can provide that candidate the challenge and opportunity she/he seeks. Now you've connected your customer's needs to your needs and to the opportunity you can provide to talent. Darrell understands all of these steps. He has been a thoughtful partner is growing my team -- as much for his network and access to talent as for his critical evaluation of what I needed and what opportunities I could provide. I have recommended (and would continue to recommend) Darrell to friends and anyone in my network.

Michael McCarroll

Dun & Bradstreet Digital, CRO

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